1: Blogging Your Research

How would you explain or encourage a researcher to set up a blog? What benefits would you talk about?

If someone needed encouragement to start a blog they might be hesitant because they would see it as taking time away from ‘real’ work. I’d talk about the ways it assists with (not detracts from) research:

  • It helps develop a habit of writing regularly
  • It provides a space to explore new or work-in-progress ideas that perhaps aren’t ready to go into a formal piece. “Some academic bloggers develop refereed articles from writing that started life as a blog post.”
  • It creates opportunity to get involved in a dynamic community where you can take part in discussions, and give and receive feedback much quicker than in traditional academic publishing. Also provides a forum to share practical ideas, tips, and news which can help with the research process. You can build a social network with others in your field and across other fields.

Please share any examples of research blogs that you have read.

I’ve only really looked into it just now, but there’s quite a large community around research blogging: